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Enhancing the quality of life for its members & all the residents of Beaumont.

About Beaumont

Location of Beaumont

A suburb on the north side of Dublin city, Beaumont is located about midway between the city centre and the Airport, just east of the Swords Road / M1 Motorway. The name ‘Beaumont’ derives from the French for “beautiful hill”. (named by Olivia Whitemore and Arthur Guinness in 1764)

Beaumont sits at the top of a considerable ascent from Fairview and Georgian Dublin Coastlines. Its clean Air and Northside views across Georgian Dublin to the Wicklow Mountains inspired the name.

History of Beaumont

Arthur and Olivia’s first child “Elizabeth” was born in 1763. Within a year Arthur purchased the lands around the hill to be named Beaumont and moved his wife and daughter from St James Gate into the new lavish home which Arthur had built in 1764. One can consider the remarkable contrast to the surrounds of St James Gate from where they moved, having suffered its recorded sanitation challenges and recent public disturbances. Now, from the 1st floor front balcony the Guinness family could enjoy clear views of Wicklow / Dublin mountains looking down on the transforming late 18th century Dublin city. Looking North it was said Mountains of Mourne appeared on a clear day. In moving to Beaumont Arthur could begin to live a gentleman’s life. He had been brewing for just 10 years.


Arthur G                 Wife of Arthur G

Olivia Whitemore’s dowry of £1,000 enabled this significant residential upgrade. The large grounds featured stables and an Ice-House (still in existence today). The house became the family home for Olivia and Arthur’s’ 21 Children. (of which 10 survived to adulthood). Arthur died in January 1803, and Olivia in March 1814. The house was transferred to their eldest son, Hosea and passed in time to Arthur II and daughters. The Guinness family continued to live in Beaumont until 1855. Beaumont House remains a unique early northside Georgian estate house and is a protected building.

Guinnes House  (Beaumont House)

The renamed Guinness House was in the ownership of the Sisters of Mercy for most of the last century and in latter years was not maintained allowing it to fall into disrepair. Very recently the Guinness House together with the adjacent Convalescent Home was sold by the Sisters of Mercy to the Department of Health / HSE. It is hoped the new owners will reverse the deterioration of the House and restore it to its former splendor.The original Guinness Estate now contains Beaumont Hospital, Beaumont Woods housing estate, Sisters of Mercy Convent, Mercy College secondary school and St Paul’s special school.

The Ice-house

The Ice House in Beaumont Woods is one of a small number still surviving throughout Ireland and linked to former great houses and estates. This one is associated with the Guinness family.  A local “myth” had developed that the Ice House was used to store meats and wines chilled for the benefit of Arthur G and family. However Patrick Guinness (Arthur Guinness heir and Chairman of Irish Georgian Society) has cast a serious doubt on the use of the “Ice House” when on a recent visit to Beaumont  –he explained that the Ice House would have been plundered by locals eager to get their hands on fine wines and indeed meat..!

Guinness Ice House

Patrick Guinness believes it was much more likely that within the Park area and in front of Guinness House  an artificial lake would have been made (no longer existing). During the severe winters of 250 years ago ice would have formed on the lake later to be broken up by the labourers and transported to the Ice House where it would be stored underground and in darkness in a very cold environment – and later again the packed ice would be chipped away and brought to Guinness House where meats and wines would then be chilled.


Smiths Country House, located on Beaumont Road opposite the Guinness estate Smiths House(now Beaumont Hospital). Smiths House was demolished to make way for residential housing in the 1970’s.



The Casket (Newsagents) shop and the Rendezvous Pub in the 1970’s.   Beaumont House Pub

 Both premises were refurbished and developed into the current Beaumont House Pub, Off Licence & Restaurant.

Beaumont House Pub

Beaumont House Pub, Off Licence & Restaurant

Beaumont Today

Today the Beaumont area has a unique mix of Residential, Commercial and Hospital life and is home to one of Ireland’s largest Medical Facility; – Beaumont Hospital. Non-nationals and immigrant workers account for a significant and growing number of the Residents of Beaumont and they live happily and in harmony with the local population.

Beaumont CentreBeaumont is becoming a multi-cultural community and Beaumont Residents Association reaches out to its immigrant neighbours and encourages them to join the Association and the committee so that together we can all learn from each other and better understand the culture, needs, problems and expectations of one another. BRA welcomes non-Irish and promotes diversity.

Educational facilities in Beaumont includes; St Fiachra’s National School and Our Lady of Mercy College Second level School. Dublin City University (DCU) Irelands foremost third level college, is on the west side of the M1 Motorway only 1km away.

Beaumont has a number of small specialist thriving shops at its centre and there are a number of Shopping Centres close by including; Omni SC, Artane Castle SC and Northside SC, all hosting large varieties of top brands shops, supermarkets and restaurants. Dublin Airport is just 10km to the north.

Today’s Beaumont House (Pub, Lounge, Restaurant and Off-Licence) is a discerning Pub and Restaurant and has strong connections with the Guinness family and tradition. It is located in the centre and is the focal point of Beaumont. It houses a Guinness Libraries and Museums and worth a visit, particularly if you like good food with a nice pint in complimentary surroundings.

The Kilmardinny Inn is another good local hostelry just on the north edge of Beaumont. Entertainment, craic and a warm welcome awaits you at any time you visit –a very popular haunt for the locals.