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Enhancing the quality of life for its members & all the residents of Beaumont.

About Us

About Us – Beaumont Residents Association

Smiths House PictureBeaumont Residents Association (BRA) was formed in 1996 and is devoted to enhancing the quality of life for its Members and all the Residents of Beaumont. A suburb on the north side of Dublin city, Beaumont is located about midway between the city centre and the Airport, just east of the Swords Road / M1 Motorway.

Beaumont has a unique mix of Residential, Commercial and Hospital life and is home to one of Ireland’s largest Medical Facility – Beaumont Hospital. Non nationals and immigrant workers account for a significant and growing number of the residents of Beaumont and they live happily and in harmony with the local population.

Beaumont is becoming a multi-cultural community and Beaumont Residents Association reaches out to its immigrant neighbours and encourages them to join the Association and the committee so that together we can all learn from each other and better understand the culture, needs, problems and expectations of one another. BRA welcomes non-Irish and promotes diversity.

Beaumont CentreEducational facilities in Beaumont includes; St Fiachra’s National School and Our Lady of Mercy College Second level School. Dublin City University (DCU) Irelands foremost third level college, is only 1km to the west.

Beaumont is very well served by a number of Shopping Centres including; Omni SC, Artane Castle SC and Northside SC hosting large varieties shops and restaurants. Dublin Airport is just 10km to the north.

Beaumont House; Lounge, Restaurant and Off-Licence, is at the centre and is the focal point of Beaumont.

Beaumont Residents Association (BRA) elects a committee each year at its AGM to run and manage the affairs of the Association. The committee is made up solely of members who give their time generously and for free for the benefit of the community. The committee is focused and committed to enhancing the quality of life of its Members and of all the Residents of Beaumont and its environs.

Mission Statement

We are non-sectarian, non-racist and non-party-political.
We promote the interests of members in a democratic fashion -and with respect for all.
We strive to improve the quality of life of members -and all in the community.
We encourage community integration.
We respect and promote cultural diversity.
We promote an environment that is conducive to improving the Health, Safety and Welfare of all the residents of Beaumont.
We promote and encourage good neighbourliness internally in the community and externally with neighbouring communities.
We ensure that Beaumont is a safe place to live, work and rear a family.

Committee Members 2015

BRA Committee 2015

BRA Committee 2015

Cecilia Roche, Cathal Tuffy, Bernadette Howard, Ann Cullen, Des Maguire: Chairman. Peter Montague: Secretary.  Joan Ennis: Treasurer. Kevin Lyons and Mariee O’Dwyer

Road Reps. 2015

Aidan Buckley, Frank Gurry, Kay Maguire, Martin Culhane, Lisa Whelan, Freda Parkes and Joe Roche.

Neighbourhood Watch 2015

Noreen Maher and Anne Cullen

BRA Neighbourhood Watch, together with a number of other Neighbourhood Watch committee’s from across north Dublin attend meetings with the Gardai on a quarterly basis to review and discuss issues of concern and to promote enhanced relations and communications.

Committee Members and Road Reps will be happy to assist you.