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Enhancing the quality of life for its members & all the residents of Beaumont.

BHNP (Beaumont Hospital Neighbourhood Partnership)

BHNP (Beaumont Hospital Neighbourhood Partnership) was formed by a number of Residents Associations surrounding Beaumont Hospital for the purpose of representing and communicating the views and concerns of local Neighbourhoods and Communities to Beaumont Hospital.  Beaumont Hospital

BHNP acts as a ‘single voice’ for the many Residents who are effected by or who have concerns about current and future developments and expansions planned by   Beaumont Hospital. BHNP has achieved significant progress in its meetings with senior management in Beaumont Hospital. In particular, BHNP is accepted and agreed by Beaumont Hospital as a legitimate stakeholder in any activities or expansion plans of the Hospital that may potentially impact on the adjacen Residents. It was agreed with senior management of the Hospital that any and all future plans being considered by the Hospital will be advised to BHNP -and any input by BHNP will be seriously and genuinely considered and taken into account. It was further agreed that; genuine respect, realistic negotiations and open communications will be the core values on which both parties will move forward. Both parties have given a committment to act and behave as good neighbours towards one another. The prevailing deep mistrust of Beaumont Hospital by local Residents, prior to the formation of BHNP has been replaced by a reasonable level of trust and relationship building. There is a way to go before genuine trust, respect and truly harmonous relations are achieved -but the progress and tangible results to date are huge and points the way to a positive future for all concerned.

Beaumont Residents Association (BRA) is a founding member of Beaumont Hospital Neighbourhood Partnership and BRA Chairman Des Maguire is a committee member. BHNP holdsscheduled  quarterly meet with senior management of Beaumont Hospital while communications are exchanged on a regular basis.