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Post Office Relocating

Post Office moves to SuperValu

The Post Office based in the Centra shop on Shantalla Road is moving to Supervalu on Lorcan Avenue in early May. This is happening despite strong representations by BRA to An Post and to the owner of Supervalu, Ian McDonnell. The existing premises are not compliant in respect to new Security requirements and Wheelchair access. The Post Office is losing customers and in its current location and format will soon not be viable. This would mean the complete loss of a Post Office in the area resulting in customers having to travel to Omni Shopping Centre or Artane Shopping Centre to conduct their business. These were the arguments put forward by Fred Quinn, Operations Manager at An Post and Ian McDonnell, owner of Supervalu when Des Maguire met both men separately to voice the disapproval of many of BRA members to the move.

Shantalla Road Post Office              SuperValu

Shantalla Road Post Office                                                          SuperValu, Lorcan Av.

The existing Post Office will close on Friday evening, 8th May and reopen in its new location in Supervalu on Monday morning, 11th May. Opening hours will be the same as before, however, going forward it is expected that the Post Office will remain open through lunchtime. A ‘parcel collection service’ will be available daily until 10.00 pm. The new Post Office will be fully compliant in respect to security and disability access and will be more user-friendly.

Existing customers need to take no action as all customers details will transfer automatically with the Post Office. Customers are advised to attend as normal at the new Post Office.

BRA has negotiated with Ian McDonnell a free transport service for the elderly and those who are seriously inconvenienced by the Post Office move. The service will be available on Fridays on a trial basis and is primarily aimed at elderly pensioners who walk or use the bus to get to the existing Post Office.

Two transport routes are envisaged as follows:

1. A minibus or taxi will start at 10.00 am and run from Dromawling Road (Elm Mount end) turn left onto Beaumont Road towards Collins Avenue, U-turn back along Beaumont Road, Beaumont Grove, Beaumont Road, Shantalla Road (passing Centra shop) and onto Lorcan Avenue to the Post Office, with pick-ups along the route.

2. A second minibus or taxi will start at 10.30 am on Beaumont Road (bus stop adjacent to Beaumont House) and run along Beaumont Road, through Beaumont Crescent across Beaumont Road to Coolatree Road, Beaumont Road, Coolgreena Road, Coolatree Park and Coolgarrif Road to the Post Office with pick-ups along the route

An afternoon transport services (same as above) will commence at 2.00 pm and 2.30 pm respectively. Return journeys will depart the Post Office about 45 – 60 minutes minutes after arrival. This is an estimate of the transport arrangements that may be required and flexibility is essential by all parties if this is to work the way it is intended.

If you have a particular need for transport and you are not on either of the aforementioned routes, please contact the BRA Team via text of phone.

We hope the above transport arrangements will help ease any pain and inconvenience associated with the Post Office move and resulting longer distance to travel. We were reminded recently by an elderly pensioner that the Post Office move will improve her life as the new location is nearer to her than the existing location –so it is not negative move for everyone.




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